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Travel Party/Headshot Photo Party 
FREE - Limited Seating 
RSVP required

Join me this Sunday as I share my travel endeavors and love of photography.  I'll show a short video and talk a bit about combining my passions of art and business.  After my talk, I'll then shoot a professional portrait of each person present.
The photo session is a one-shot professional headshot. It would not be a replacement for a full session, but a very cool and fun way to experiment with your image.
The travel part of this event is something I'm really excited to share and shamelessly enthusiastic about.  The photography is a part of me and I promise to extract the BEST you in your shot!

Regarding how to dress and make-up. Come prepared! Dress the way you want to best present yourself (ex. actor, model, business, for a relative, for yourself, etc.). Be comfortable and natural. There will be no make-up artist present.  Dress ready to be photographed and prepare your make-up and hair as you normally would every day. Keep it simple and natural to yourself.
Your picture will be posted in a FaceBook Gallery from which you can download or use as your profile picture or any other online service that you like. This will be fun and enterprising.
When: Sunday, July 20th from 2:00pm to 4:00pm at 
Place: Actors Connection, 630 9th Ave 14th Floor, New York, NYC (between 44th & 45th Streets on 9th Avenue).
You'll receive a confirmation email with the exact location after I receive your RSVP.
Rules? Doors will CLOSE and no one will be allowed to enter after 2:30.  Don't be late or you'll miss out! You can bring a guest, but you must RSVP for them as well.  Limited to 20.

Please RSVP with your name, email and phone number to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

See you at the party!  Jim


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Just got back from fabulous meeting/training in Las Vegas and it was a blast--I'm on fire.

I had the priviledge of 'hob-knobbing' with some of the most motivational and inspirational people in our experience. One such person, Jordan Jeanty, will be with us on Sunday, July 20th at the Actors Connection.  Just fun while in Vegas, Lisa Gold played some Blackjack (it's Las Vegas after all) and she doubled her money within 45 minutes. I was just enamoured as I don't have a knowledge or desire to gamble, but I was thrilled by the show. I did get to stand next to some other dynamic people (though in this case he was made of can't help being serious in any form of his presence.